Two days of Good Food

What climate and capital interests are cooking

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Alt Foods are Mainstream

Kroger’s launch of its line of alternative food products at the beginning of the conference was certainly the announcement that made it into the mainstream. Since Kelloggs announced its brand of plant-based meats, Incogmeato, 48 hours earlier, even those who did not already know, were now fully aware of the fact that plant-based meats are now a mainstream product category.

Printed Meat / cultured animal protein

Both are a long way off than the number of articles written about them may suggest. In short, the issue is technology. Cultivating cells is doable, we have had the first lab burger patty in 2013, produced by Mosa Meats. Today, however, cultivating large amounts of cells in a controlled environment, such as tanks, many compare them to today’s brewing tanks, is difficult.


Alternative foods are here to stay.

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